Customs of local people

Ethnic groups in Sapa always adhere to and preserve the long-standing traditions. Among nations with respect to practices of other nations. Every nation has its own taboos. For example, men and women learn the Dao, couples love is a very important part in the life of the village, were people respectfully. Youth find you at the fair, go to the remote villages in the moonlit night to sing, trumpets, flutes, music and dance. Weddings are people attend such a festival. Funerals of each ethnic group has its own rules has a long way away.

Dong ethnic Lao Cai very hospitable, but tourists visiting the village should listen carefully to the instructions of the guides to not commit the taboo of ethnic minorities such as sleeping accommodation, lodging drinking water, dining table, for furniture placement, how to travel, using household objects …. because every nation has its own taboo.Customs of Local People

Here are some tips for travelers traveling village in Sapa:

> Prohibiting the use of drugs
> Do not touch the mascot, do not go into the sacred area
> Wear appropriate clothing when coming and visiting tourist
> Do not drink alcohol, do not yell or act, gesture, rude gestures.
> No kissing, couples show affection too openly in public places.
> Always ask permission to pay if you get the invite people for dinner or stay.
> Please ask for permission when photographing local people.
> Permission before you wish to visit the locals.
> Do not buy antiques as souvenirs as this will cause the loss of heritage homes due to many people not knowing their true value.
> Do not give your child anything local. If you want to insert your gifts. parents or elders.
> Prohibition of prostitution.
> You buy the handicraft products of local people.